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Dayton, OH 45403
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Lesson Types Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin, Music Theory, Ukulele

Styles / Genres Bluegrass, Country, Folk/Traditional, Other

Instruction Levels Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Ages Taught Ages 8-80
Studio Lessons 1/2 hour lesson $30.00

  1 hour lesson $50.00
The 5 books that I have written, is my own Tablature. I will take you from not only theory, but to playing the Banjo, Guitar or Mandolin. I also have a Guitar book for beginners thats makes it so easy to play! I also have written the only Mandolin book that has the real chords that we use. Students and I have hunted the internet for anything to do with that and there simply is known!

I am the only bluegrass teacher in Dayton

If you visit my web site. Please sign my guest book and tell me a little about yourself. I would love to hear from everyone

Thanks........ Greg
Greg Allen was born into a musical legacy that his Father, legendary Bluegrass Music entertainer Red Allen, began. The family's legacy grew as they became one of the most famous Bluegrass Music groups to date in American Music history. Along with his Father and his brothers Ronnie, Neal, and Harley, he toured and recorded on such notable record labels as Folkways (now Smithsonian Folkways), Rounder, King Bluegrass and Lemco. He is a songwriter, arranger, vocalist, a teacher of banjo and all other music.

Nearly his entire life, Greg has been sought after from professionals and students alike who seek to learn his way of playing. Greg considers himself a lifetime student of banjo, noting that "no-one knows it all" and has said he is "constantly learning something new nearly everyday". While some players can be classified as good, better and best, Greg is one that is considered truly one of the best. The difference in Greg's playing and the best playing are found in the details he uses. That said, Greg has developed a simple method to help all banjo,Guitar,Mandolin,etc. students comprehend more readily. Once the students apply themselves to his method, the tablature hurdle that once was so confusing to so many beginner students, is simplified, enabling them to find the road to success more ready to handle the details the great players use.